Another year, another blog

This isn’t my first rodeo, as they say, and normally I just post my ramblings to Facebook, but it lacks in features that would allow people to ignore some of the things I may want to say or post pictures of so here we are again.

In case you don’t know me this will be my brief intro post.  Obviously I’m a mother, I have two girls, a preschooler and an infant. Also I’m a microbiologist by education, but a food scientist by trade.  Lastly, it seems I’m angry, which may not be an entirely accurate term.  Maybe frustrated would be better, or perpetually annoyed, or exasperated, sometimes just completely baffled by other people.  I try not to get into the mommy wars because what works for one family doesn’t necessarily work for another, so for the most part I don’t judge.  It’s not my place and I have a hard enough time trying to figure out my own kids so I tend to lean towards empathizing with other parents more than anything else.  You’ll see there’s a particular area or two where this doesn’t apply but for now we’ll go ahead and pretend I’m the sweetheart my husband sees me as.

Most of my postings will probably lean towards science stuff, or parenting stuff, or a combination of the two, but since there are more facets to my personality occasionally I might post about motorcycles, or guns, or video games, or zombies which could totally bring everything else together in one post.

Now that we’ve gotten the obligatory intro post out of the way we’ll move on to bigger and angrier things.


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